Nightmare Vermont

Thursday, October 26
Show: 7pm

Nightmare Vermont is a unique, all-volunteer, charity Halloween event in the U.S. We combine live stage combat, original immersive theater, and all the best in interactive scares and special effects. Since Nightmare Vermont’s inception in 2004, thousands of people have enjoyed the show every year. We are WAY TOO EXCITED to scare you once again in 2023. 966A3509-2-SplitTone5-2 (1)We can almost smell your fear.


October 19-21, 26-28. Tickets to enter the show are available for timeslots between 7 and 10pm on Thursdays and Fridays, 6pm and 11pm Saturdays. Click BUY TICKETS above for specific showtimes. We have reduced our available tickets by 25% the 2023 show to bring you a higher quality experience. We highly encourage purchasing tickets at LEAST a week in advance to ensure we can get your tickets. We expect to sell out well before showtime once again.

New This Year

We are pleased to announce we are recombining the maze and story attractions at Nightmare to give you one relentless immersive experience. We are also reducing our group size to bring you more intimate and interactive entertainment. We’re also proud to welcome the El Gato food truck to keep your insides happy (let’s hope they STAY inside). Get ready for Halloween, because we’ve been dying to get your pulsing hearts in our scabby little hands again. And we can’t WAIT to hear you scream.


We will continue our offerings of Monster Wards and an auction for the Monster Teaser with each group. Please see our FAQ for more info on these experience enhancers 😉 The last shows of the last night are EXTRA BLOODY shows, and we recommend ponchos. Every year in Nightmare, there is a plunger. See if you can spot it. 

Health Protocols 

Our volunteers will encounter thousands of patrons in close quarters during the run of the show. Their health and safety allow us to continue entertaining the community. If you feel at all unwell, please wear a mask to keep these volunteers healthy during the entire run. We appreciate your consideration!

Take Care

Because we firmly believe in consent in scaring, we publish each year’s Trigger Warnings for folks who may have phobias or sensitivities. We also always honor safewords. If you shout “SAFEWORD” during the show, we’ll lead you out of the situation and you CAN rejoin your group if you wish. 

Join Us

Volunteers make Nightmare work and make it unique. We’re looking for weird performers, fun-lovers, helpers and evil geniuses. Let us welcome you at our Season Kickoff September 7th and 8th and/or fill out our Volunteer Form. We host many instructional workshops during the Halloween season for our volunteers, including Effective Scaring, FX Makeup, Room Design and Stage Combat. Make your Halloween a wild ride with a bunch of awesome folks. 

Charitable Mission

Nightmare Vermont is committed to supporting local charities and giving back to the community. After the pandemic, we donated $32,000 to help upkeep the Grandstand at the Champlain Valley Expo in time for the Champlain Valley Fair. We are so proud we were able to keep this icon operational for the Fair’s 2021 return. We have partnered with the Champlain Valley ExpositionCamp Exclamation Point, Women Helping Battered Women, and hurricane relief. Other charitable endeavors are our Northeast Haunters’ Scholarship, Del’s Ride and Essex Chips.

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