Lil’ Vermonters Consignment Sale (Half Price Sale)

Sunday, May 19
Show: 8am
EARLY BIRD SALE: Friday, May 17, 5-9PM

PUBLIC EVENT: Saturday May 18, 9AM-4PM

HALF PRICE SALE: Sunday, May 19, 8AM-12PM
Benefits of Consigning:
  • 67% commission
  • Make extra room in your home by offering others the gently loved items your family has outgrown.
  • Be a part of an event that celebrates sustainability while earning money and allowing other families in the community to save money.
Benefits of Shopping:
  • Save money by buying gently loved items from local families.
  • Enjoy a HUGE selection and countless brands. Every event brings fun surprises!
  • Celebrate sustainability by buying used while supporting other families in the community.
For more information, click here.
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