Now Accepting Nominations for 2020 Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame!
Nominations will be accepted until noon on May 22

The Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame was founded in 2003 to recognize Vermonters who’ve made an outstanding impact on agriculture in our state.

You may nominate one individual per category.

There are 3 categories:

1) Emerging Leader: This category highlights individuals who are stepping up to become the next generation of agricultural leaders in Vermont. Age 40 or younger (born after June 1, 1979), these individuals demonstrate a deep commitment to Vermont’s working landscape and are poised to lead our Ag community into the future. They are remarkable for their service, youthful energy, and dedication to Vermont agriculture.

2) Ag Innovator: Individuals in this category have demonstrated a fresh and forward-thinking approach to agriculture. They are making a significant, positive impact on Vermont, in areas such as growing the local economy, promoting stewardship and conservation, improving community health and nutrition, or developing new tools and practices, among others. They are notable for their unique perspective and unconventional approach. (Age is not a factor for consideration in this category.)

3) Lifetime Achievement: This category recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement, improvement, or development of Vermont agriculture over the course of their long career. Nominees shall have played an active role in Vermont agricultural issues for at least thirty years. Please note that posthumous nominations in the Lifetime Achievement category are welcome. You should also feel free to nominate couples/partners in this category.

To be eligible for the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame in any of the three categories, nominees should play a significant role in Vermont agriculture, including but not limited to: farmers, ag business owners, service providers, researchers, educators, outreach professionals, public servants, and employees or leaders of non-profit and government organizations.

Please note that nominations are not carried over from year to year. If you have submitted a name in the past, and the person was not recognized, you must re-submit the nomination once again this year in order for them to be considered.

To ensure fairness, all nominations must be submitted using the standard online form, or by requesting a paper copy of the standard from CVE. Special consideration is given to thorough, thoughtful nominations that include examples and details about a candidate’s qualifications and impact.

Photo portraits of Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame honorees are displayed in the entryway to the Robert E. Miller Expo Centre South at the Champlain Valley Exposition. For more information about the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame or to nominate individuals, please contact Jackie Buttolph at

Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees
Hall of Fame Vermont Expo

Joanna Samuelson Lidback, Marie Audet, Bill Rowell, Jack and Anne Lazor

Clara Ayer, Beth Kennett, Robert Foster, and Enid Wonnacott

Ray and Pam Allen, Claude Bourbeau, Rupert and Muriel Chamberlain

Gordon J. Booth, Anne C. Brown, Walter and Sally Goodrich, Ralph McNall

Putnam Blodgett, Arthur Cliffor, James Harvey, Governor Frederick Holbrook,
Mariafranca Morselli

Joseph E. Carriagan, Ronald Greenwood, Richard Moore, Harry Morse, Lucien Paquette

Darby Bradley, Elizabeth Carr, Sam Cutting III, Robert Davis, John Deere, Thomas Magnant

Roger Albee, Anne Burke, Steve Woodard, DVM, Dr. Woody Pankey, David Grimm

Edward Eurich, Robert Graf, Kenley Squier, Fred Webster

Ryle K. Dow; Wilson “Bill” Clark; Gov. George D. Aiken; Catherine M. “Kate” Beattie

Everett Harris; Millicent Rooney; Dr. Henry Atherton; John Finley

Sen. Justin Smith Morrill; Philip K. Grime; W. Dean Merrill; Sen. Patrick Leahy

Kermit and Margaret Richardson; Dr. James Gilmore; J. Douglas Webb; Ruth Towne

Robert H. Wood, Jr.; Arthur H. Packard, Sr.; Merton Pike; Robert Coombs, Jr.; Robert Carlson

Harold Howrigan; Donald Balch; James Jeffords; Stephanie Bourdeau

Lloyd “Pat” Patterson; George, Howard and Ben Foster; Dwight miller, Jr.; K. Stewart Gibson;
Warren “Dick” Dodge; Charles Mraz; Elmer Towne

Keith Wallace; Francis Howrigan; David Marvin; Carolyn Jones; Gloria Conant; John Bramley;
Cal Blessing; Everett Willard